10 Strangest Planets In Outer Space

The 10 strangest planets in outer space

Below is a brief summary of the planets featured in the video. However, be sure to watch the video as it not only has many more details about the planets, but is very interesting:

  • TrES-2b – The darkest planet in the entire universe.
  • 55 Cancri e – Made up almost entirely of solid diamond.
  • Gliese 436 b – An planet with an ice surface that is on fire.
  • HD 189773b – It constantly rains glass sideways.
  • WASP-12b – A planet slowly being eaten alive by its star.
  • Gliese 581 c – The planet orbits a red dwarf star and doesn’t rotate on its axis.
  • WASP-17b – This planet is the largest planet in our solar system and is 1.9 times the size of Jupiter.
  • HD 188753 Ab – This planet has three stars and is 149 light years from earth.
  • GJ 1214b – This planet is made up entirely of water.
  • Kepler 438b – The most earth like planet ever found.