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5 Things I Learned From Tidying Up

11:00 pm PDT, March 12, 2019

While I usually avoid fads, the decluttering craze sweeping America is one where I don’t mind jumping on the bandwagon. Until recently, I had never really completely finished a clutter-clearing project to the point where I got the buzz. In previous attempts I usually just gave up or ended the attempt out of exhaustion from all the decision making.

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My Good List

11:00 pm PST, March 5, 2019

I've always been a bit evangelical about the things I love. When I dig a band I don't just casually recommend them to you. I burn you a best-of mixtape, drag you to the concert, and text you favorite lyrics.

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3 Good Questions

11:01 pm PST, March 3, 2019

About a month ago I did something that’s been on my to-do list for about five years: I signed up for professional life coaching certification. Ever since I started the regular practice of meeting with a coach of my own, I’ve let the thought simmer on the back burner what it might look like to […]

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A Day in the Life

11:00 pm PST, February 24, 2019

I love what I do—in part because no two days are alike. While many people only really see clergy in the pulpit on Sunday morning, our vocation is actually remarkably varied. No two days are alike, though it does feel like I spend a lot of time in meetings and responding to emails!

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Writing Lessons

6:28 am PST, February 20, 2019

Last month, history repeated itself and I once again left my corporate job with the plan to freelance full-time. But things are different this time around. In the intervening years, I've learned a few things about business and more importantly, about writing. This is what I wish I would've known when I was first starting out.

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