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How to EMP-Proof Your Car, Even if You Don’t Really Have To

7:40 am PDT, April 19, 2019

Some experts have stressed the importance of EMP-proofing your car to ensure you have transportation after a nuclear strike, while others have denounced the practice as unnecessary. Let's take a closer look at the science behind EMP-proofing your vehicle, whether it's essential, and how to complete this task if you choose to carry it out.

Rules of Engagement 101

12:28 pm PDT, April 18, 2019

Over the last few years of writing about prepping it has come to my attention that rules of engagement need to be discussed more candidly. As I have met a variety of preppers from all walks of life, it is clear that some … Continued

Survival Lessons of the Mountain Men

6:00 am PDT, April 13, 2019

The North American fur trade started from the first time Europeans made contact with native peoples in North America. It ran out of steam around the time of the mid 19th century, although aspects of it would continue on well … Continued

The State of Our Nation’s Dams and Bridges at 80+

6:00 am PDT, April 12, 2019

The state of our nation’s dams and bridges is concerning. The USA is home to 84,000 dams. A handful of these dams produce power for millions of homes. Bridges number an outstanding 614,387 in the USA with 40% of them … Continued

Power Tools For The Homestead

6:00 am PDT, April 11, 2019

This really is just a list of the power tools that we use the most often in the course of maintaining our little 12 acre farm, vineyard and household.  If you own a smaller lot, you might not need all the … Continued

Soil Health – Building Sustainable Gardens

6:00 am PDT, April 10, 2019

Moving from growing a simple garden to planting a sustainable garden that provides most of your food intake for the year takes a little bit of work. If you jump onboard with popular gardening techniques then you immediately are dumping … Continued

The Ugliness of Trapping and its Necessity in Survival

6:00 am PDT, April 8, 2019

Beaver pelts and the fur trade-built America. The Europeans decimated their own beaver populations and the furs were in high demand. Beaver felt was used to make the most desirable hats. The fur trade pulled the Native Americans into the … Continued

Prep to Live, Not Just Survive

6:00 am PDT, April 7, 2019

I had an interesting conversation the other day on the idea of survival and emergency food. The words “good enough for survival use” and “if you are hungry enough, you don’t care what it tastes like” were tossed around, and … Continued

Best Vacuums For Preppers

6:00 am PDT, April 6, 2019

When it comes down to getting things cleaned up, you need a vacuum cleaner that can take care of business. Over the years I have bought a myriad of what I thought were cool vacuums. While they were not expensive, … Continued

Obsolete Lighting and The Modern Prepper

6:00 am PDT, April 4, 2019

I admit to having a fondness for the old fashioned. I’m sure a lot of other preppers do too, and it certainly makes it easier to plan for emergencies when you are willing to dial your level of technology back … Continued