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iFixit: 16-Inch MacBook Pro Has Easy to Repair Keyboard

7:30 am PST, November 17, 2019

The repair website iFixit confirmed that the new 16-inch model does ditch the error-prone 'butterfly switch' keyboards, which have bedeviled the MacBook line for the past four years. Apple instead reverted back to using the reliable 'scissor switch' mechanism.

After a Breach, Should You Still Trust Your VPN?

7:30 am PST, November 17, 2019

The recent breaches of NordVPN and TorGuard demonstrate how trust is an intangible but important feature of security software. If you lose confidence in a security product, such as a VPN, it's probably time to ditch it.

Apple Bans Vaping Apps

7:30 am PST, November 17, 2019

All 181 vaping apps that were on the App Store have been removed and no new apps 'encouraging or facilitating' vaping will be allowed in future.

What to Stream This Weekend

7:30 am PST, November 17, 2019

Santa Claus (or just Klaus) is coming to town, the Nazis may be fleeing it, and all is not calm on Sesame Street (there's a party!).

Walmart vs. Target: Which One Has the Best Black Friday Deals?

7:30 am PST, November 17, 2019

Walmart and Target are both slashing prices in the hopes that you'll spend your hard-earned Black Friday dollars with them this year. But we're not made of money; let's see which retailer has the best deals in some key categories.