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Vegetable Lentil Soup

7:00 am PDT, October 21, 2019

Three things make this vegetarian lentil soup so good: caramelized onions, toasted tomato paste (it's easy!), and lots of carrots and celery. Make a big pot to have some now and save some for later—this soup is freezer friendly!

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Angel Biscuits

7:00 am PDT, October 20, 2019

Are you ready for the lightest, fluffiest biscuits ever? Angel biscuits have a heavenly texture because they're made with baking soda, baking powder, AND yeast. They will be a new favorite!

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Slow Cooker Pot Roast

6:55 am PDT, October 19, 2019

Pot Roast with gravy is comfort food at its finest. Put it in a slow cooker to make all of your chilly winter dreams come true. Carrots, potatoes, and mushrooms cook low and slow along with the roast while you’re at work. Dinner is ready when you are!

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The Friday Buzz: Epic Roadtrips, Quail Eggs, and Just Say Yes!

7:30 am PDT, October 18, 2019

Welcome to The Friday Buzz, our roundup of all good things, good advice, good feelings. It’s the happy hour of blog posts! Up this fabulous week… Epic Roadtrips, Quail Eggs, Just Say Yes, and a few other things sprinkled in. 

Halloween is one of my most cherished times of the year. While some people bust out their Christmas playlists early, I’ve got my favorite Halloween playlist going on repeat. My house is decked out with all the fun potions, bats on the walls, creepy black drapes, black feathers in all my vases, and a black crow garland. All the pumpkins in the world line every last square inch of my home. I JUST LURVE IT SO MUCH!

Decorating for holidays has always been something I’ve enjoyed doing, and I’ve learned that what I love most is that just a few simple tweaks here and there can really turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. Ya feel me?

I think that’s one of the things I love most about working for this site. We strive continuously to bring simple yet extraordinary recipes into your homes. They all work so hard to produce high-quality recipes and I truly can say that I love every member of this team. We aren’t just co-workers… we’re all good friends!

And you know what? We consider each and every one of you to be friend, too. Seriously. So, this may be a little mushy-gushy, but thank you always for being here on our site and for making the Simply Recipes community such a lovely place to be.


  • Not Giving Up Today – Just in case you needed a quick pick-me-up to get you through the day, Summer’s got you covered with this fab song.
  • Just say YES! Andy shared this clip with us and it totally reminded me of this movie.
  • Road Trip! With the changing of the weather, maybe it’s time for a road trip! Perhaps a 13,235 mile road trip that’ll give you 70° every single day?
  • Egg-cellent – Emma’s just putting this out there, in case you had a need to shell some quail eggs. 
  • Ravishing Risotto – Megan downs this Riced Cauliflower and Butternut Squash Risotto morning, noon, and night. Enjoy on its own, or as a side with chicken, sausage, or fish for dinner!
  • Midwest Made – Carrie’s been making her way through this cookbook by Shauna Sever and wonders if she should have been born in the Midwest because the recipes just hit her in all the right places.


Busy nights call for easy dinners and our IG readers are loving our Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken Chili! The only prep work needed for this is to dice the celery and onion. That’s it. If that isn’t easy enough, I don’t know what is!


Brandon’s family went cray-cray over our Oatmeal Buttermilk Pancakes! Yay! Here’s what he told us:

These were even better than I expected. Sounds of “mmmmmmmm” accompanied each bite. Definitely have some fresh berries with these pancakes to add some acidity. Utterly delicious and quite filling.

Pancakes in da house! Love the suggestion of using fresh berries! Thanks, Brandon!

Cheers to the weekend, friends. Hope it’s a good one for you!

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Penicillin Cocktail

7:00 am PDT, October 18, 2019

A Scotch...cocktail? Yes, it exists! The Penicillin is made with both blended and peaty Scotch, lemon juice, and honey-ginger syrup for a delicious drink you'll want to drink all through fall to keep the sniffles away.

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