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Here's How to Share Your 'Earth Day' Photos with NASA

3:00 pm PDT, April 19, 2019

NASA has a new social media campaign to gear up its audience for Earth Day, an annual event to celebrate our planet – and the importance of protecting the environment – on April 22.

Image of the Day

7:11 am PDT, April 19, 2019

Here's a colorful cosmic Easter egg to start off your holiday weekend! The Egg Nebula, seen here in a view from the Hubble Space Telescope, is a "preplanetary nebula," or a cloud of dust and gas ejected from a dying star and illuminated by the star's last bit of light.

A House-Size Asteroid Zipped by Earth Today

10:43 am PDT, April 18, 2019

An asteroid the size of a house gave Earth a close shave today (April 18), passing nearer to our planet than any other space rock will for the rest of this year — that is, as far as we know.

Space Investment Hits Record High in 2018

6:00 am PDT, April 18, 2019

Investment into space companies hit a record high in 2018, exceeding $3 billion with no sign of an imminent downturn, according to a new report by a consulting firm.