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West Philly

7:00 am PDT, April 18, 2016

Part of me still couldn’t fathom that our life together was done, still believed we lived in that cramped third-floor apartment, two floors above the James Spader lookalike who held open mic poetry readings every Friday evening in his living room and once asked if you’d ever read Madame Bovary. Across the street sat the […]

Machines of Another Era

7:00 am PST, March 7, 2016

Many years later, after he’d forgotten how to write stories, García Márquez began to call his brother. What day is it? He would ask. And his brother would tell him, in a voice that was a blend of respect and simple tones, It is Tuesday or It is Friday afternoon or It is the last […]

The Night It All Got Going

7:05 am PST, February 29, 2016

First there is the suffocation dream, which comes in jump cuts, then whole sequences lit low with dark figures looming over me, hulking shadows. It’s as if I’m trying to sleep while Fritz Lang is in my bedroom shooting some expressionist nightmare. He doesn’t care about me or my wife. He barks instructions at Bruno, […]

A Private Darkness

7:00 am PST, February 8, 2016

When Grandpa died, he didn’t look like he was sleeping. He looked like he was dead. It was Wednesday, August 16th. I remember that because I circled it in purple Sharpie on my calendar. I don’t think Wednesdays are good days for dying. And purple was the wrong color to use. I should have used […]

The Holiday

7:00 am PST, November 16, 2015

Robert Mende pulled the plug on his marriage not with a violent jerk, but in spurts; it may not have added up to much of anything at first, Mende was nothing if not scrupulous; he kept at it, and after a good year and a half of solid effort his wife was thinking of divorce. […]


8:00 am PST, November 9, 2015

“Baseball” by Paul Lim “Play ball,” the umpire yelled, raising both hands. Crouching low behind the catcher, he pointed his finger out toward the center of the diamond, out toward the girl standing high on the hill. She nodded. Then pressed her fingers against the gleaming sphere, drew her eyes into slits, and looked for […]

New Mexico

7:00 am PDT, October 26, 2015

  One afternoon, as Denise watered plants and I changed a light bulb, we heard the squeal of brakes and a terrible howl. We ran outside. An old VW van with a bright mural painted on its side was parked in the road. A wild-haired, older woman stood next to the van. Our dog lay […]

Irregular Border Marriages

7:00 am PDT, September 7, 2015

The border hasn’t always existed. It was put there for complex geo-historic and political reasons so long ago that no-one knows much about them now. I live right next to the border, which is a line drawn in the dirt. That is also true of my home, which is a series of straight lines, bisecting […]

Job’s Back Yard

7:00 am PDT, August 10, 2015

Listen, most sinkholes occur on Thursdays. If you don’t believe that, go Google it and see for yourself. If that doesn’t suit, come and take a look, this Thursday afternoon, at my neighbor’s yard, so perfectly landscaped until an hour ago. Now you can stand half way up Wanda Brooker’s rock garden bank and look down […]

The Terrible Child

7:00 am PDT, August 3, 2015

When we were young, we all believed in something called earth changes. The coming of quakes, floods, droughts—natural disasters in increasing frequency and severity—pole-shift and climate change. Things of this nature. But we were not afraid. We were so young then that we believed we cared more for the earth than we did for ourselves. […]