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A Sixties Standout

7:04 am PDT, May 24, 2019

What does it take to stand out these days? Building something really good? Or really bad? Driving something very old? Or maybe very new? There’s no right answer... continue reading »

Day 6: Home

6:59 am PDT, May 22, 2019

So I had planned for day six and seven to be photoshoot stops on my way home to Austin, but the weather had other plans. Tornados tore through... continue reading »

Day 5: KCSP

6:42 pm PDT, May 19, 2019

Day 4 was travel. Not the kind of travel that’s adventurous, but the kind that’s wet, windy, and miserable. But I persisted on and eventually made Smithville, MO... continue reading »

Day 3: Omaha, NE

8:07 pm PDT, May 17, 2019

Today I took on the longest leg of my journey yet and hit Omaha, Nebraska where the people welcomed me and the weather didn’t. Hell if I care... continue reading »

Day 1: Celina, TX

7:52 pm PDT, May 15, 2019

I’ve got this blog thing sort of fixed. Not really… but sort of… and I figured as long as I can post, I might as well do it.... continue reading »

Hittin’ The Road

8:02 pm PDT, May 14, 2019

Hey fellas. I’m off this morning for a little road trip up the middle of the country. The idea is to pull my old trailer through some state/national... continue reading »