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Name This Car, Win a hat!

6:21 am PST, January 16, 2019

This car was a regular at the Kingdom Drags, Fremont, Bakersfield, and Pomona during the 1960’s. It’s owner was a well known gas station man on the west coast... continue reading »

All Hail Henry Junk

7:17 am PST, January 11, 2019

Stock Henry J’s are just a little weird. They’re goofy, somewhat awkward economy cars that were originally marketed to the budget-minded motorist. (Hey, even a trunk was optional!)... continue reading »

The 1959 Stingray

5:13 am PST, January 9, 2019

LeMans, 1955. A Mercedes factory car gets loose, leaves the track, and kills 83 spectators. That single event has probably had more of an effect on racing as... continue reading »

The Hot Rod Showdown

6:38 am PST, January 7, 2019

So some pals of ours are hosting a new little car show here in Texas. It’s called the Hot Rod Showdown and it’s a pre-1948 traditional hot rod... continue reading »

The First Belly Tank?

6:39 am PST, January 4, 2019

It doesn’t matter what subject you’re discussing, history can get pretty murky pretty quickly. From an early age we’re taught to avoid definitive words like “first” and “only”... continue reading »