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Off-the-Grid Tiny Home Living: Maintenance Tips and Tricks

3:00 am PDT, September 18, 2018

Maintaining a tiny home is one thing. Maintenance on an off-the-grid tiny home is a whole other challenge. However, the adventures that await you and your tiny home are worth the hard work. But going off the grid is a big decision, and there are definitely some precautions you need to take to ensure smooth […]

Portland Massage Therapist Lives Full-Time on a Sailboat

3:00 am PDT, September 17, 2018

Cheryl GreatHouse is a massage therapist living in Portland, Oregon. After meeting her through a mutual acquaintance, I knew I wouldn’t be surprised that this strong lady would end up living on a sailboat named after the Maori name for “Warrior Woman.” Cheryl lives on a 1980 Morgan 38 foot sailboat on the Columbia River. […]

Colorado’s Tiny House Movement, Communities and Resources Galore

12:00 am PDT, September 14, 2018

The tiny house movement in Colorado is booming. Despite limited legal parking opportunities for tiny homes on wheels. But that is changing in a big way, thanks to community developers and local advocates. Their efforts have been aided by all the positive press about the last few years’ exuberant festivals, from the first Tiny House […]

We Lost Our Guest…What Do We Do!?

3:00 am PDT, September 13, 2018

We improvise, that’s what we do! With Shandra Morton & her dog Reno & John & Finn & Sarah Stebbins. Gracious! What began as a head-scratching problem turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for us at Tiny House Podcast. When our scheduled guest couldn’t make it, we wondered what would happen if we opened […]

How to Keep a Tiny House Cool

3:00 am PDT, September 12, 2018

During the summer months in Portland, Oregon, air-conditioning was unnecessary. The temperature was typically around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (F) and rarely felt hot. The wool insulation in the tiny house combined with a fan to suck in the cool evening air was all that was required to stay within a tolerable temperature. However, now that […]

Cubic Mini Wood Stoves for Tiny Houses

10:17 am PDT, September 11, 2018

Cubic Mini Wood Stoves manufactures miniature stoves from their shop in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada, that are portable, fuel-efficient, and well-constructed. It is the ideal heater for small structures such as tiny houses, boats, etc. As I have not had the opportunity to use one or even see one in person. I asked Andrew the General Manager […]

A New Look into the Little Guy Max Trailer

3:00 am PDT, September 10, 2018

The August (#68) issue of Tiny House Magazine features an interview with Chris Baum of Little Guy Trailers and Liberty Outdoors and the new Max and Mini Max camping trailers. The Max and the Mini Max trailers are Little Guy’s foray into the larger trailer market, but both of them can still be towed by […]

Auburn Fall Home Show Tiny House Village

8:58 am PDT, September 7, 2018

The Tiny House Village with $59k Tiny House Giveaway is coming back to the Auburn Fall Home Show (Sept 28-30, 2018). This is the 4th annual Tiny House Village and 3rd annual Tiny House Giveaway. There will be 10-20 tiny homes staged and on display for you to walk through and be inspired to get your own […]

Modular Mini Houses with Personality

3:00 am PDT, September 5, 2018

For living or vacation Prepared for all seasons An innovative concept of modular mini houses, built on wooden and metal structure, carefully designed to last a lifetime. These modular houses, also known as ‘tiny houses’, can be assembled for extension purposes, lifted for relocation, shipped on trucks and easily connected to utilities. This new design assures […]

Mud’s Tiny House Restoration Transformation Project

3:00 am PDT, September 4, 2018

Not sure where to begin. Here is my brief intro: Six years ago we bought an abandoned camp with a small log cabin house and 6 other cabins on 69 acres in the blue ridge mountains of VA. My mother moved into the log cabin, and my man, Hank, and I moved into what we […]