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At Home On The Farm, The Winery And The Brewery With Joel Holland

3:32 pm PST, November 15, 2018

Nomadic Entrepreneur Joel Holland likes businesses. When he saw Harvest Host, though, he liked it so much he had to buy it. So he did. Harvest Host is built a network of people who love RVing and agricultural operations (wineries, farms, breweries, etc.) who are looking to expand their brand awareness. Today Harvest Host is […]

Mother/Daughter Build Fantasy-Themed THOW

9:36 am PST, November 14, 2018

My daughter and I are relatively new to the tiny house market and just came across your blog and magazine. We moved to the Asheville, NC area three years ago to be close to my parents after several recent family tragedies. We purchased two small, but not tiny homes (850 sq ft and 750 sq […]

Why Tiny Houses are Better for Your Health

3:00 am PST, November 13, 2018

A tiny house is both a dwelling place and a tangible statement of your values. Many of those building a tiny house are doing so in order to embrace the minimalist lifestyle and construct a house that’s free of chemicals. But tiny homes also have unexpected benefits, some of which stem from minimalism and sustainable […]

The Simple and Useful Beauty of the Raised Platform

3:00 am PST, November 12, 2018

Several years ago I wrote a Tiny House Blog post about American River guides who live for the river season out of their tents or various vehicles. Most of the tents are located on the ground, but to literally elevate your status as a river guide, you can pitch your tent on a raised wooden […]

Tiny House Statistics and Why They Matter

12:00 am PST, November 9, 2018

There is power in data. When it comes to legitimizing tiny houses as a quality housing option, education is key. Essential facts can help paint a picture of the movement as fiscally responsible and environmentally sustainable, giving outsiders a clearer of understanding of the benefits tiny homes can provide our communities and why people are […]

The Most Fantastic Things Are Things That Just Pop Up With Zach Yeager

3:00 am PST, November 8, 2018

Likely the most revolutionary aspect of small space living is epitomized by Zach Yeager’s conversion vans. Holy smokes, his Cascade Campers offer some of the most cozy and livable spaces in likely the most practical and packable format just perfect for the nomad and at a price point pretty much anyone can afford. Zach got […]

Copper Creek Cabins Tiny House

3:00 am PST, November 7, 2018

Purposeful construction by the skilled builders at Copper Creek Cabins and Rentals. For sale in Deerfield, Ohio. Quality was the keystone for this modern, log-cabin inspired tiny home. Experience the peace of minimalist living through the thoughtful space-saving solutions of this two-loft cabin. Additional sleeping downstairs. The designs attention to detail brings the “cabin life” […]

Micro Living Book Review

3:00 am PST, November 6, 2018

Derek “Desk” Diedricksen of relaxshacks.com and I go way back. In fact, I have a copy of his very first book in my Tiny House book collection. He published and literally put it together in his basement and mailed it out personally to me. We have also become good friends over the years and I […]

Dynamic Homes Tiny Houses Have Optional 2nd Bedrooms

3:00 am PST, November 5, 2018

Minnesota-based Dynamic Homes has been building custom, traditional homes for nearly 50 years. Their company has recently started a tiny house division with two park model designs that can be placed onto any approved lot. Dynamic Homes uses advanced engineering techniques in a climate-controlled environment to build their homes. Each house has greater energy efficiency […]

Cozy Cottage on Wheels

3:00 am PST, November 4, 2018

I am sharing this tiny house because a friend of mine is helping a family in their church. The husband died last May and the wife is desperate to sell it and move. They are flexible on the price and need to have it gone by mid-November. The cottage is located in Grass Valley, California. […]