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Abodu Prefab Units Easing Bay Area ADU Woes

3:00 am PST, February 17, 2020

In the land of ultrafast startups, there are bound to be one or more that will relate to the tiny house craze and some may even ease the burden. Ever since the San Francisco Bay Area legislature made accessory dwelling units (ADU) or granny units legal, the permitting process for doing so has spiked. However, […]

Tucson Glamping Getaway with Vintage Trailers and Tiny Houses

11:36 am PST, February 15, 2020

Before modern tiny houses on wheels, now classic trailers were the movable micro home of choice. At El Pais, you can experience both a quirky glamping getaway. It’s a boutique motel & campground in Tucson, Arizona, that embraces the mid-century era. Choose from a selection of themed motel rooms, vintage trailers, tiny homes, as well […]

Building a Tiny House with Salvaged and Reused Materials

5:40 am PST, February 13, 2020

This is a live recording of a panel discussion that Ethan Waldman had at the Big Mass Tiny House Festival back in September of 2019. Based around building with salvage and reused materials and featuring well know DIY builders and tiny house dwellers. Featured on the panel discussion were: Alex Eaves, Vera Struck, Sarah Hastings, […]

Five Tips For Your Tiny Kitchen

7:30 am PST, February 12, 2020

Whether you’re a master chef or prefer take out, you’re going to need a kitchen in your tiny house. And your decisions about what you include, and what to omit, is never more important than in your kitchen. Whether you decide on a galley style, an “L” shaped, or a “U” shaped kitchen; making the […]

Simple Pop-Up Cabin

3:00 am PST, February 11, 2020

I’ve been doing a little series on affordable tiny house do it yourself or non-traditional houses for those who are interested in trying out tiny house living at a low price. Most involve some construction but they are all relatively simple to build. These are what we have looked at so far. These tiny abodes […]

Happier Camper’s New Traveler Expands Life on the Road

3:00 am PST, February 10, 2020

The Happier Camper fiberglass HC1 not only brought back the classic fiberglass campers of the 1970s and 80s, but it added a contemporary and versatile flair to the lightweight camper. Now the HC1 has a big brother. Happier Camper has just introduced the larger Traveler towable trailer with the same Adaptiv™ technology and a few […]

TinyFest California Coming to San Diego

11:19 am PST, February 7, 2020

TinyFest Events is back with its second annual TinyFest California. Event organizer, Renee McLaughlin is bringing it to the San Diego metro area, in part inspired by the extensive local tiny house advocacy efforts. With that, the intent of this tiny living festival is to not just inspire and entertain but to educate enthusiasts and […]

How to Raise Money and Invest More in Your Tiny House

3:00 am PST, February 6, 2020

Having a tiny home is a dream for many people. It’s a small space, yes, but it’s also more efficient — you can have everything you need and potentially save a significant amount of money, especially in the long term. However, a tiny house isn’t free. It’s generally less expensive than a full-sized property, but […]

Tiny Homes Are Good For The Planet

3:00 am PST, February 5, 2020

Interest is surging in tiny homes—livable dwelling units that typically measure under 400 square feet. Much of this interest is driven by media coverage that claims that living in tiny homes is good for the planet. It may seem intuitively obvious that downsizing to a tiny home would reduce one’s environmental impact, since it means […]

Andrew Odom Reflecting on 10 Years of the Tiny House Movement

3:00 am PST, February 4, 2020

Andrew Odom, one of the original Do It Yourself builders started his journey in 2010. He was an inspiration to Ethan the host of the podcast in building his own home. Andrew is known for being approachable and friendly and has shared his knowledge over the years in many ways to the tiny house community. […]