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Stunning Sedona Tiny House Village Retreat and Demonstration Project

6:00 am PST, November 15, 2019

TinyCamp is a tiny house village in vibrant Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona. It’s a one-of-a-kind demonstration project created by urban planner and developer, Darin Dinsmore. Further, it is an educational research initiative for sustainable development and tiny housing in Coconino County. As such, it is helping to make living tiny legally a reality […]

Nicole Young, Tiny Houseboats and Airbnb

3:00 am PST, November 14, 2019

Do you live near water? What does purchasing a used houseboat, fixing it up and turning it into a successful Airbnb sound like? Nicole Young has done just that and shares the process with Ethan in this week’s podcast. Having gone through the process twice Nicole has gained lots of experience and is sharing it […]

Rural Adventures in Tiny Home Construction

3:00 am PST, November 13, 2019

Living in a tiny home enables a lifestyle of peace, simplicity, responsibility, and good stewardship. This applies to a plethora of different things, from good financial discipline — 55% of tiny home owners have more savings than the average American — to taking care of the Earth — tiny home owners tend to reduce their […]

Rafter B Tiny Homes: Big Texas Style and Hearts for Veterans

3:00 am PST, November 11, 2019

Named after the cattle brand used to mark the family livestock, Rafter B Tiny Homes are the epitome of Texas style—without being the size of Texas. Rafter B Tiny Homes is based out of Bluff Dale, Texas. Owned by Gerald Barton and J.J. Barton, Rafter B Tiny Homes is located in Bluff Dale, Texas south […]

Sacramento Mayor Calls for Rapid Tiny House Production

12:20 pm PST, November 8, 2019

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg wants to spend 30 million to jumpstart the rapid production of tiny homes. He sees tiny housing as an opportunity to quickly and more affordable address dire housing shortages, sky-rocketing costs, and the expansive homeless population. “My hope is that with a little bit of financial incentive, hopefully less than $100,000 […]

Dan Armstrong And A Little-Know Law to Legalize Tiny House Villages

3:00 am PST, November 7, 2019

Cities and states across the United States are looking at ways to legalize tiny houses. There are many people working on ways to make this happen. There is a lot of effort to get tiny houses legislated. In this episode, Ethan interviews Dan Armstrong to discuss a law called RILUIPA,  or the Religious Land Use […]

Rumspringa Liberation Tiny Home

3:00 am PST, November 5, 2019

Every now and then Liberation Tiny Homes sends me photos of their latest build. This one looks neat and I wanted you to see it. We recently had an open house and got to stage a really cool home. This is our popular Rumspringa model but we added a first-floor bedroom! Rumspring Specs Size: 28′ […]

Try out Tiny at Tuxbury Tiny Home Village Near Boston

3:00 am PST, November 4, 2019

A trinity of tiny house vacation villages is now available for anyone who wants to try out tiny living. Tuxbury Tiny House Village is located an hour north of Boston, Mass. It is the third in a set of villages that include Mount Hood Tiny House Village near Portland, Ore. and Leavenworth Tiny House Village […]

Permaculture Tiny House Community Farm in North Carolina

6:03 am PDT, November 1, 2019

Have you ever dreamed of living off the land in a tiny house community setting? If the answer is yes, then you’ll love the Wildwoods Community Farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It’s a permaculture tiny house village, home to several DIY homes and volunteer accommodations. Neighbors include free-range chickens and ducks, as well as […]