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How to Legalize Tiny Houses in Your City through Advocacy with Will Johnston

3:00 am PST, January 17, 2019

Today’s show is all about why advocacy is so important, and how to do it. Will Johnston is a thought leader and innovator in the micro-living world. Over the past four years, his organization has enabled policy change and brought acceptance of microstructures in the Southeast through events, projects, and advocacy. His philosophy is allowing […]

Hot Off the ePress – Tiny House Magazine Issue 73

10:46 am PST, January 16, 2019

Available as a PDF to read on your computer or other devices. Also an iOS app version for your iPad or iPhone. Coming soon to your Android device. Many people will tell you the tiny house movement is just a fad…that eventually people will get sick of their small space and come to their senses. […]

Plenty of Room to Ride with the RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike

3:00 am PST, January 15, 2019

When in our process of significantly downsizing to our tiny house we had many moments of questioning which items we would keep, sell, or donate. We knew we would have to make sacrifices and had many items we enjoyed but just wouldn’t have space to store. When it came to items of recreation, we sold […]

Plús Hús ADU Made from Recycled Panels

3:00 am PST, January 14, 2019

Iceland doesn’t just export excellent music and beautiful people. The island is also an inspiration for a brand new ADU (accessory dwelling unit) made from recycled steel panels. Built by the architectural firm, Minarc, but constructed in Los Angeles, the Plús Hús is a contemporary and customizable structure for simple living, working or extra income. […]

Operation Tiny Home Launches a Down Payment Assistance Grant Program

8:00 am PST, January 11, 2019

You are ready to make the leap into tiny house living. Check! You found a builder that offers financing. Check! You can easily make regular, affordable loan payments. Check! Even with all these positive factors, do you lack the funds to make the necessary down payment? Good news. Operation Tiny Home, in association with Sutter […]

Woodland Tiny House Nashville

3:00 am PST, January 8, 2019

This is our 216 sq.ft. tiny house (not including lofts), Woodland Tiny House Nashville. My husband and I spent the last 8.5 months building it ourselves in our back yard (we hired some work done — plumbing, electric, roof, drywall), but the rest was us! We purchased a customized kit from Summerwood homes, had a tiny house raising […]

Adaptable, Flatpack Minka Home Can Be Assembled in 3 Days

3:00 am PST, January 7, 2019

Millennials are not the only people seeking out tiny or smaller homes. Older, especially frailer, or more vulnerable members of society are also feeling the tug of simpler living. Unfortunately, the idyllic tiny house with a ladder and loft tucked away in the woods is not the most beneficial to these people. “Minka” means “a […]

Just Park It: Tiny House Village in the Land of Enchantment

6:00 am PST, January 4, 2019

In episode 9 of Today’s Tiny House Parking spot, we travel with our tiny house on wheels into the Land of Enchantment. There we parked at the Animas Valley Village, a new tiny house/RV community.  It is located just over the Colorado state-line into New Mexico. The village is surrounded by beautiful spruce and golden […]