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Verizon's sports arena 5G doesn't reach every seat

12:47 pm PDT, October 21, 2019

Last week, Verizon (Engadget's parent company) bragged about offering 5G coverage in three major basketball and hockey arenas. Turns out there's a pretty big catch. That 5G is only available in some of the seating areas.

Best Buy throws in a $50 gift card with the 15-inch Surface Laptop 3

12:14 pm PDT, October 21, 2019

If you're in the market for a good deal on a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, you might want to check out Best Buy. The retailer is offering a $50 gift card with the system, which starts at $1,199. Best Buy is also throwing in a six-month Trend Micro Inte...

GOAT expands into apparel and accessories

11:20 am PDT, October 21, 2019

The online sneaker marketplace GOAT is expanding into apparel and accessories. Today, it announced that it's adding "contemporary and luxury brands," including Acne Studios, Maison Margiela, Off-White, Stussy, Gucci and Saint Laurent.

Blizzard may reveal 'Diablo IV' at Blizzcon

11:01 am PDT, October 21, 2019

Blizzard is in desperate need of a major pick-me-up after a torrid few weeks, and might have an ace up its sleeve for Blizzcon, which takes place in less than two weeks. An ad for a Diablo artbook suggests that Diablo IV exists, and Blizzard might ve...

Georgia court rules police need a warrant to get data from your car

10:33 am PDT, October 21, 2019

Your connected car data might be safer from prying eyes -- Georgia's Supreme Court has ruled that police need a warrant to obtain personal data from cars. The decision overturns an earlier state Court of Appeals ruling that defended police obtaining...

Google adds seasonal Nest doorbell ringers in time for Halloween

10:17 am PDT, October 21, 2019

If you're the type of person who goes all out each Halloween decorating your home to make it the star of the neighborhood, Google wants to help. Starting today, the company is updating Nest Hello video doorbells to add a new seasonal ringtone to help...

Steam's new beta takes local multiplayer games online

10:00 am PDT, October 21, 2019

Valve didn't wait long to give you a chance to play local multiplayer games online. The latest Steam beta client now includes Remote Play Together support that lets friends join in multiplayer experiences that would normally require sitting on the s...

NordVPN admits to 'isolated' server breach in Finland

9:39 am PDT, October 21, 2019

Virtual private network provider NordVPN has confirmed an attacker breached one of its servers, though the tangible impact of the breach seems to be pretty limited. There were no user activity logs on the server -- the company says it doesn't track,...

Mitt Romney has a ridiculous Twitter alias: Pierre Delecto

9:22 am PDT, October 21, 2019

In an interview with The Atlantic, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) admitted to being a "lurker" on Twitter. He wouldn't share his Twitter handle, but it didn't take long for the internet to figure out Romney's alias, Pierre Delecto (@qaws9876).

Netflix's 'The Crown' season 3 trailer shows off the new cast

8:16 am PDT, October 21, 2019

With less than a month until the premiere of The Crown season three, Netflix has shared its official trailer. Set to a cover of Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changing," the two-minute teaser ushers in a new cast and a new political climate in Bri...

Hyundai is building cruise control that mimics your driving style

7:51 am PDT, October 21, 2019

If you've never used a car's cruise control functionality, the first time can be a jarring experience. Driving a car is a deeply personal experience; we all have our own driving styles and each car has its own quirks. South Korean automaker Hyundai t...

A star died violently and left behind this 'fluffy' ball

7:00 am PDT, October 21, 2019

Stars die all the time, but the untimely passing of SN 1572, also known as Tycho's Supernova, is possibly the most famous. That's because it's relatively close to us in the Milky Way's Cassiopeia constellation, so when it exploded in the year 1572, i...

More signs point to Apple's AR headset arriving in 2020

6:23 am PDT, October 21, 2019

The drum beat for an Apple augmented reality headset is growing louder. Bloomberg claims Apple has "targeted" a 2020 release for its AR eyewear, echoing analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's expectations based on his own sources. The publication also shares a belie...

Adobe's Alexa skill reads 'inspirational' quotes to jaded creatives

6:00 am PDT, October 21, 2019

Any creative person will be familiar with the dreaded inspiration rut, when new ideas won't come and you find yourself staring for hours at a blank sheet of paper or a blank screen. To help you move past these frustrating blocks, Adobe is releasing a...

Surface Pro 7 review: USB-C upgrade, battery downgrade

6:00 am PDT, October 21, 2019

The Surface Pro line hasn't changed much over the years. Each new generation brought incremental spec bumps and slight design changes. And this time around is pretty much the same. Microsoft is giving us newer processors, improved microphones and som...

Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL review: A slightly flawed taste of the future

6:00 am PDT, October 21, 2019

After Google started making its own smartphones in 2016, it quickly fell into a predictable pattern: Those devices would pack clean software, take surprisingly good photos and launch sometime in October. Sure, Google added features here and there...

Amazon's Fire tablets and Kindles are on sale for everyone

5:02 am PDT, October 21, 2019

Last month, Amazon introduced some hefty discounts on its Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers, but those discounts were only available to Prime subscribers. Now, the company has made those savings available to all customers in the US, with up to $40 of...

Google and Amazon approved home speaker apps that spied on users

4:15 am PDT, October 21, 2019

Privacy is a hot topic in the realm of smart speakers, from employees listening in on recordings and auditors accessing user locations. Now, another issue regarding speakers has been raised, after security researchers revealed that apps accepted by t...

The Morning After: The battery-saving power of dark mode on iPhones

3:50 am PDT, October 21, 2019

Hey, good morning! Welcome back! This week is reviews week, so you can expect verdicts on Microsoft's new Surface family, Google's new Pixel phones and Nest devices and a few more things. Over the weekend, we saw proof that dark mode could help your...

Rocket Lab plans to send payloads to the Moon

3:00 am PDT, October 21, 2019

Rocket Lab has been increasing the altitude of its missions in recent months, but now it wants to venture much, much farther. The private spaceflight firm now intends to help launch missions to higher Earth orbits, lunar orbit and even Lagrange point...

Google will fix Pixel 4 face unlock issue with 'eyes open' update

2:02 am PDT, October 21, 2019

Shortly after Google's Pixel 4 launch last week, the BBC discovered that its Face Unlock biometric security system would unlock your phone, even if your eyes were closed. That would mean that someone could unlock your phone even if you were sleeping,...